Wednesday, 25 April 2012


When feeding multiple babies (which probably have many and various medications), it is not easy to remember who has had how much and at what times etc.

Therefore, a very helpful tool is a large white board.

There are various ways to work this and you may find the way you'd like, but this is how I did it with the triplets parents. (pictured here) :-

Mark out the lines in permanent pen; giving names across the top and 24 hours down the left hand side.
Leaving a space on the right for extra information and summations.

In the appropriate hour box, fill in:- 
  1. Feed start time minute
  2. How much was taken
  3. What medications and amount
  4. Wet or dirty nappy
Doing this will make it easy to add up the milk intake for the 24hr period and most importantly make it easy to see at a glance, who is to be fed with what and when.

It is so easy to forget things when there is so much to do and deliver.
This also means that helpers can see without having to bother you!

The summation for the day goes on the right hand side, together with additional information about baths, inoculations, concerns and weight (if you ever have the time to do that).

Without the triplets having a white board, life would have been almost impossible!
The picture is when they are 6 months and are down to approx 4 hourly feeds and sleeping most of the night.