Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Please remember that there is no RIGHT way to look after you baby, only the way that suits you and your baby best.

Of course, there are wrong ways; but by the right way I mean, what works for you both.

Take all the books and videos on how to look after your baby and they will all contradict themselves.

Just try all ways possible and do what suits you and your baby.
But remember, what suits one day, may differ the next.


As well as working with both new and former families, my own has continued to grow.

After a night mare pregnancy constantly feeling and being sick from week three, then needing regular IV fluid drips because of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, one of my daughters went through a 5 day labour, which was 7 weeks early and produced a lovely little girl.

She was delivered by c-section and had to be pushed back up the birth canal to get her out, as her nose and eyes were poking out, having a good look around and she was thrashing from side to side. Nosey little thing! All ended up well though.

Her poor little face was bruised all down the left hand side and she was in Intensive care for a week or two.
Then Special care till she was allowed home.

Horrid for both mum and dad, not to have their baby with them; but mum was so stoic with dad's support.

Now she is 4 months old and a smiling, bright little button.