Thursday, 20 January 2011


Time flies and "My" babies are getting so big!

My little one who had the bad cleft palate and lip had his second operation, this time on his soft palate and he has made a wonderful recovery.
He is 1 years old next month and a dear little boy. Smart as a button too.
There seems to be little adverse effect on his speech as far as they can tell, apart from him being a bit loud; but that's children for you!

I have seen many of my "little friends" over the last few months and have been invited to a christening, escorting a pageboy to a wedding and 2 birthday parties. (I wish my social life with my own age group was doing as well)!!
I am truly blessed to be included at their milestones.

I have 3 grandchildren now. The last born 7 weeks early before Christmas and it's hard to believe that the due date has still not arrived!
A difficult time for the parents having to be without their baby and all sorts of issues over steroid injections, epidurals and Neonatal care to be discussed next.

The main thing is, she is fit, well and gaining weight ... the baby that is.